What is a Zwinky Gift Card?
A Zwinky Gift Card allows you to add to your ZCard balance. Cards are currently available in $15 (2500 ZCard) and $25 (5000 ZCard) denominations.
Where can I buy a Zwinky Gift Card?
Zwinky Gift Cards are available at Kmart, Toys "R" Us and other stores nationwide.
Find all the locations near you!
Find a Kmart store near you.
Ask a Kmart sales associate for the following item numbers:
$15: 01111796-7
Find a Toys "R" Us store near you.
Ask a Toys "R" Us sales associate for the following item number:
$15: 076750-04697  |  $25: 076750-04698
Find a Best Buy store near you.
Use the Best Buy touchscreen kiosk, located in the
Games section, to purchase your gift card!
Visit giftcardmall.com to buy a Gift Card online!
What are the benefits of getting Zwinky Gift Cards?
Zwinky Gift Cards are a fun and easy way to add to your ZCard balance without needing to use
a credit card. They also make perfect gifts for your friends and family!

BONUS! If you purchase a $15 or $25 Zwinky Gift Card, you will unlock a special Zwinky Super Power that you can use in Zwinktopia. Collect different Super Powers and abilities with every Gift Card you redeem!

What can I buy with my Zwinky Gift Card?
That's the great news - anything that's for sale in Zwinktopia can be purchased using the ZCard from
your gift card, including premium clothing and furniture. And we're adding more items to purchase all the time!
How can I redeem a Zwinky Gift Card?
Easy - just click the button below, or visit the Gift Card redemption site at www.zwinky.com/redeem. Then just enter the PIN code printed on the back of your Gift Card to instantly add to your ZCard balance!
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