What is a ZCard?

A ZCard is a method of payment in the Zwinky universe that works like a virtual debit card. You add ZBucks to your ZCard account using real money.

What can I buy with my ZCard?

You can use your ZCard to purchase any items throughout Zwinktopia - including premium items available exclusively for purchase with your ZCard!

How can I purchase ZBucks for my ZCard?

Several ZCard packages are available for purchase. To add ZBucks to your ZCard, simply click on the "Buy" button to the right of your ZCard tally in the lower right of your Zwinky screen. You can use any major credit card or your PayPal account.

How do I know how many ZBucks I have left on my ZCard?

The numbers in the lower right of your Zwinky window refer to your ZBucks, ZCard, and Zchievements balances. The number next to the card icon number represents your ZCard balance.

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